iYou- Mobile Encrypted You

iYou is the vessel to create your digital self, privately and securely with blockchain technology. IYou health will allow importing, storing and sharing of all healthcare records in one mobile application.

Mission Statement

We have created iYou, a secure environment to store and share your data including vital healthcare data, secured with block chain technology

iYou is written with Core Blockchain Technology and allows storing and sharing of data securely and authentically.

The Problem

Storing and sharing personal data online securely.


We need total control of all our healthcare information in a mobile application, and the ability to share these records instantly, privately and securely.

The Solution

iYou is written with Core Blockchain Technology allows storing and transferring of data including vital healthcare data in a secure environment.


iYou is the tool that gives the patient total control of their healthcare information for release, storing and sharing- secured with block chain technology.


Feature (Blockchain)

We have created iYou, a secure environment to store and share your data, including healthcare data. When you create an account in iYou, you are assigned a DID (distributed identifier). This is you protected with blockchain technology.

iYou is the vessel to manage your digital self in the new blockchain encrypted world.

How does blockchain work?

1. A user request for his transaction.

2. A block representing the transaction is created.

3. The block is broadcasted to all the nodes of the network.

4. All the nodes validate the block and the transaction.

5. The block is added to the chain.

6. The transaction gets verified and executed.

The data you store and share is owned by you and only you, and protected with blockchain.

Coming Soon - iYou Health

How many of you have your health care records on you? How many of you have needed them when away from home? 

iYou health can solve this for you.

We need our healthcare information with us and secure wherever we are in the world.

easily accessible to share with anyone

The iYou Health platform will store your healthcare information

IYou Health makes it possible to store and share vital healthcare information wherever you are.