About iYou

Our Beginnings

Cybernet Human came about as an idea for a way to get ahead in the retail online marketplace. Kelly owned a women’s clothing boutique and was concerned because online shopping was taking away a lot of her business. Clay and Kelly were talking about this and Clay had an idea. What if we could create an online version of yourself easily and accurately, so that a client could try on items within an online dressing room? The HVDR (Home Viewing Dressing Room).

This was the beginning of iYou.

In November of 2018 we formed Cybernet Human LLC and began talking to software firms about the idea. We met with Agilx Software Design and shared our idea with them. The discovery meeting went well and they were intrigued by our idea and felt that we were on to something. The process of research and development began in January of 2019. Going into this phase we knew the idea would likely change some, and this was key to how iYou followed a path that led to what it is today. The research was done to see if anything like it
was already being done, and to see if it was possible with already existing technology, as and new technology. Long story short we found a much bigger problem to solve and
felt that we should take the project in that direction. The problem iYou solved is of having your identity, including personal data, secure online.

The Development of iYou

We finished the R&D phase in May of 2019 and decided on the concept for iYou. This is a platform both mobile and web based, which would entail 4 different components per se. The first platform we decided to develop is the Legacy platform of iYou. This is a place to store and share your life’s moments. The key feature to this, that sets us apart from any other software like it, is that we are using blockchain technology to store the data securely. We feel this is our hook, the problem it is solving is the way to store personal data online securely. When a user signs up they are given a DID, distributed identifier. The user then knows their content is secured using blockchain technology.

We then went through a branding workshop to create a logo and define our market and product.

The development phase of the project started in July of 2019. Every two weeks we met with our software developers. These meetings helped us to address new ideas, change things when needed and to see the progress as it was being developed. We spent a lot of time creating the best application we could imagine. The application is both user friendly and
attractive, as well as functioning with the key component being blockchain technology, to keep the data secure. The development stage took approximately 10 months and we finished the first phase of iYou, being Legacy, in May of 2020.

When Things Changed

A major moment in this process was when our application was approved to be in the Apple Store, and Google Play Store. We feel this stamp of approval gave our project credibility, and now we are ready to begin the next phase of the project. At this time we have over 400 users signed up and gained 1 or 2 everyday. We are working on user acquisition, which will make us attractive to a potential investor or buyer for our application.

The problem the next phase of iYou will be solving is giving a person the ability to have their healthcare data with them at all times, and easily shared with other healthcare providers.

The Next Phase

The problem the next phase of iYou will be solving is giving a person the ability to have their healthcare data with them at all times, and easily shared with other healthcare providers.

The next phase for iYou entails developing the software to add to the application that will allow the user to have his complete healthcare records with him at all times and anywhere in the world. We are working with a healthcare provider to determine what kind of information is critical to be stored in the healthcare platform for iYou.

Our revenue model will be subscription based. The subscriber to iYou health will have access to their healthcare records and be able to share them with whomever they choose to. We are working with Xpress Rules and look to be a mobile application that allows the use of their product Consent Guard. This relationship is very useful to us as they have paved the way in the legal issues related to data and how it is shared and protected in cyberspace.